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Our Services

We offer an A to Z solution for your interior needs all under one roof. We provide a bespoke design based on the unique necessities of the client, combined with intellectual rigor and sensual intuition, coupled with a sensitivity for wider social and contextual issues. We will bring you the latest and very best in interior design at competitive prices, to suit your own individual style and taste. We are committed to create, build & design an interior that provides you with a place to breath and strive to create a pleasurable journey along the way.

Our offered services are imparted in a precise and prompt manner by our skilled craftsmen, designers, and engineers that use progressive machines and advanced tools. Our offered services are highly acknowledged for their timely execution, high efficiency, concept developments, and reliability.

Design Phase

Every project initiates with understanding our clients’ needs, which will be conceptualized into a design that is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. Our motto is transforming your needs and desires into transformed spaces.

After understanding your requirements we discuss some of the designs which will compliment your personality. Once we are sure that our thoughts are aligned we shall discuss the tentative cost for the discussed concept.

Implementation Phase

Firstly, we will conduct a detailed site Inspection & measurement of your property. Then we will give you customized layouts and design intentions and quotations of the options you have discussed. After that, we will do iterations as required and once you approve the designs we will move to the construction phase.

We and our partners will execute everything from civil work to wall treatments and send you regular status updates. Our professional will take care to enhance the quality of your space. In the end, you will get a desired outcome.


Turnkey Solutions

We also provide expertly organised and managed turnkey design solutions that complete your interior spaces.

When it comes to interior design, organizing the schedule and prioritizing are incredibly important. Creating aesthetically pleasing spaces involves many exciting and demanding stages– from conceptualization, to planning, to execution. Whether you’re looking to renovate your apartment, or enhance and embrace the look and feel of your villa, we are dedicated to designing and creating spaces you’ll appreciate.

Our customised turnkey interior design packages afford our customers the benefit of a quick turnaround time for all projects. Our turnkey interior solutions are designed to work within the timeframes our clients have set, while remaining faithful to our commitment to deliver expertly planned interiors. Our goal at the end of every transaction is for our customers to enjoy a quick and easy handover process, where all that will be left for them to do is move and settle in.

Home Staging

Home staging is the art of setting up a home available to be purchased. It goes past decorating and cleaning. It's about demonstrating it in its most ideal light by improving the flow, eliminating the mess and making your house seem bigger, brighter, and warmer.

Keep in mind, you never get another opportunity to make a first impression. Our exclusive new high-end home decorating in Mumbai homes ensures your property gets the maximum attention from prospective buyers.

Regardless of whether you’re selling your own home, setting up a real estate client’s home for sale, or organizing an empty or model home for resale, Ideas1 Home Staging & Interior Decorating will help ensure you attract the right interested buyers. We completely redecorate a property quickly and effectively over a couple of days and allow homeowners or developers to hire all the contents of a home, like furniture, rugs, curtains and so on for a limited period to demonstrate the property’s capability to the maximum.

Therefore, you will be having a beautifully staged home resulting in a quicker sale at the best possible price!

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